Everything’s Peachy

The best inspiration is found serendipitously without conscious effort. I never expected a mundane mall trip would influence my entire reinvention as an artist. While walking past a clothing store, a particular shirt captivated my attention. Its color and destruction compelled me to purchase the garment. The fabric’s unique peach hue radiated originality. Its tears revealing another layer of tan material alluded to the exotic adrenaline of a lion or tiger attack.

If I were to summarize my artistic identity with only two characteristics, a varying statement-making palette and big cat imagery would suffice. However, I did not explore this particular peach color in my art or wardrobe prior to the purchase. I then reached the epiphany in which this slightly tinted blend of warm pink and orange would serve as an integral component of my reimagined brand identity.

Varied mediums have allowed me to introduce this color to my art following my realization. Spray paint, Prismacolor markers, tissue paper, and other collage materials bearing peach tones have created a sense of unity throughout my upcoming collection. My online presence reflects this evolution as well. Many of my recently renovated website’s elements incorporate the tone. Additionally, the abundance of peach in my wardrobe has grown. My discovery also prompted me to come out of retirement as an avid hair colorist.

Fortunately, the Manic Panic brand produces a dye showcasing my current color muse. The iconic company has assisted punk fashion since 1977. Manic Panic’s rebellious narrative enticed me as punk culture and imagery has influenced my current art. I achieved my desired appearance with the cosmetology brand’s Flash Lightening 30 Volume Bleach Kit and Dreamsicle Creamtone dye. After a purple shampoo wash and color treatment, my hair’s bleached yellow tones were still held more prominence than I preferred.

I repeated the color cycle later the same evening to obtain a more saturated peach hue. Lifting hair before two color processes within a day is not the healthiest task to perform. However, my thick locks can withstand a significant amount of manipulation while maintaining a fairly strong and healthy texture. My quiff’s shorter cut and rapid growth also give me an incentive to slightly abuse my hair.

Life is too short to only live with your natural hair color. Whether experimentation results in damage or an unintended color, hair will grow back. Originality will always make taking a style risk worth one’s while. When approaching self-expression, playing it safe with tamed style will never outshine the fun and confidence of treating yourself like walking art.

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