Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Nothing warms winter temperatures better than hot fashion. Whether backstage, down the runway, on the street, or at a party, New York Fashion Week brings out everyone’s best style. Couture and street wear alike spark inspiration while setting the city ablaze. February 2019 was no exception.

My NYFW commenced with my fifth time witnessing an Artistix production. I eagerly awaited the debut of Greg Polisseni’s latest collection and correlating art. This season’s Harmony balanced openminded evolution with rooted integrity. Camouflage print, lion crests, and other examples of the brand’s iconography were reinterpreted for the upcoming fall/winter season. Polisseni continued to integrate his love for rock & roll while allowing his fine art to influence the direction. His passions culminated in yet another mold-breaking show. After watching models unveil styles fit for a rockstar, we partied like rockstars at TAO Downtown.

After parties have become my favorite networking environment. They offer both fun and productivity. However, I discovered another approach to networking. I ventured to Spring Studios with the intent of finding access to NYFW’s most coveted shows. After my friend snuck into Spring Studios for the September shows, I contemplated following his tactic. I first surveyed the scene before considering my options. Either my attention-drawing red leather outfit would allow me to appear as if I belonged in attendance, or it’s vibrancy would hinder me from entering discreetly. My fear of security and hesitations soon advertised my naiveté. Ultimately, I decided to linger among photographers outside the venue.

Photography by: Josh Davies (Left), Stacie Yue (Center, Right)

Although I never conned my way into Spring Studios, I did score an invitation to Twelv Magazine’s after party after attending prior events hosted by the online publication. Twelv’s crowd once again offered an excellent opportunity to connect with industry insiders. My friends and I mingled with hotel promoters, public relations representatives, designers, models, and photographers. After my modeling stint outside of Spring Studios, I welcomed another opportunity to be photographed. My friends and I channeled our stylish ferocity while posing with the skyline and aesthetically lit bar as our backdrop. I have always believed that if you behave like a star, you will become a star.

Photography by: David Gannon (Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right)

Partying at a rooftop lounge in the middle of Manhattan offers a perfect step toward achieving this mindset. With a nearly 360 degree view of the surrounding cityscape, twinkling lights shine purpose. I have found it easy to lose sight of New York’s glamor among its literal and metaphorical pollution. Copious skyscrapers occasionally obstruct my view of a prosperous future. Overstimulating sounds and impatient mobs may also discourage my enthusiasm. However, a panoramic perspective always reminds me of my initial desire to take a bite of the Big Apple. I then realize dreaming is worth the chaos.

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