It’s Leo Time

With the abundance of sunlight inducing my serotonin, my creativity has always thrived during summer. I crave the freedom of long nights and longer days without the shackles of cold temperatures. The return of Leo also aligns well with my current artistic pursuits. Similar to how the constellation prowls across the vast sky, I have been venturing through a personal savanna to prepare for my own return. Rebranding my online presence has taken priority over creating new art in recent years. However, the transformation of my website and other platforms has been completed.

I pondered when I should officially share this evolution in addition to advertise my upcoming art collection. As someone who appreciates concept and intention, I did not want to announce my endeavor on a random day lacking connection to my work. I soon realized the beginning of Leo’s annual monthlong reign would provide the perfect date to launch my own cycle. As a Leo, my astrological sign heavily influences my image.

The irony of curating an artistic identity amuses me. I recollect Katy Perry’s videos used to promote her Prism album following her popular Teenage Dream era. One teaser portrays young girls accessorized with candy colored wigs adorned with heart-shaped ornaments sobbing at a funeral where the songstress flashes an indifferent smirk to the camera. Another video depicts her iconic blue wig ablaze.

Although I spent countless hours building my website, curating its graphic elements, and exercising my developing skills, I completely deconstructed my online presence to reinvent myself. I discarded the majority of content to allow room for more current and mature work. My new, blank canvas has allowed me to narrate a new self. This has resulted in a punk-influenced resurrection of my identity.

This year, which I dub “two thousand and great-teen,” has witnessed a turning point in my life and career. I now have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, work as a graphic designer in Manhattan, and live in Brooklyn. I anticipate finishing my upcoming collection while further exploring New York’s art community. I’m no magician, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. However, my ambition is no illusion.

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