April 9, 2019

My Raw Conception

Although I may struggle to remember, I have learned that the path to success is not linear. Many trials, obstacles,...

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Pop Culture
March 21, 2019

Setting the (Pan)tone for 2019

Most people contemplate a New Year’s resolution when the time arrives to change calendars. I await the arrival of the...

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Fashion, New York
March 8, 2019

Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Nothing warms winter temperatures better than hot fashion. Whether backstage, down the runway, on the street, or at a party,...

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Fashion, Pop Culture
November 18, 2018

Happy Birthday, Mickey!

Nearly a century ago, Mickey Mouse made his debut appearance in Disney’s Steamboat Willie. Ninety years later, the beloved icon...

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November 11, 2018

A Song That Changed My Life

Arthur Miller may have scripted the death of twenty-one pilots, but Twenty Øne Piløts has soared to the top of...

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Fashion, New York
September 23, 2018

New Kid on the Catwalk

New York transforms into a zoo, and models become the beloved attraction whenever fashion week occurs. The design-bearing muses strut...

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Fashion, Music, New York
September 9, 2018

My NYFW Playlist

Nothing hypes me up for a particular event or season like appropriate music. Here is my playlist for New York...

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New York, Personal
August 23, 2018

New Age in New York

My Leo nature has always driven me to blend sentiment with spontaneity while celebrating my birthday. New York City offers...

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July 28, 2018

Everything’s Peachy

The best inspiration is found serendipitously without conscious effort. I never expected a mundane mall trip would influence my entire...

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July 22, 2018

It’s Leo Time

With the abundance of sunlight inducing my serotonin, my creativity has always thrived during summer. I crave the freedom of...

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